Little Creek Church is a new church start in the East Little Creek corridor of Norfolk, Virginia. Our vision is to grow a church from the harvest by sharing the gospel with our neighbors, getting people in to groups to build community and continue to go on mission to the 35,000 people in the East Little Creek area of our city.

The immediate plan for starting this new gospel community begins with expanding oikos. This includes going door to door, meeting people and telling them about Jesus; attending and serving at events going on in the community at local schools, clubs, etc; and hosting discovery bible studies in neighborhoods.

As the [LC]Church community grows, we will be meeting in homes for worship gatherings and bible study. When all of the discovery bible studies reach a critical mass, we will begin gathering in a building that can sufficiently hold us and allow us to grow.



Our leadership team consists of three pastor/elders and their families, sent out from [OV]Church. Caleb Dininny (Jayla, Leylana, Audriana, Coralie) is the local lead pastor. Justin Sleeper (Jen, Gavin, Grady, Nickie) is one of the elders, along with Gary Greenawalt (Connie). Shawn Martin (Josie, Jose, Liam, Aiden) serves as a deacon on the planting team.



The planting team gathers on Monday nights to solidify vision, study the Scriptures and strategize for oikos expansion. Without vision people perish (Proverbs 29:18). If vision is not grounded in the Word, then we aren’t believing that Jesus will build His church (Matthew 16:18). All of this is to bring the Kingdom of God here as it is in heaven (Mathew 6:10). This means we begin with love for God, show that same love to people and make disciples of Little Creek.



Jesus gave us an example of being the most spiritually balanced person to ever walk the earth. We try to model this as well by looking UP to learn more about God and how the Word applies to our lives; lean IN to build up the disciples within our community; and reach OUT to those who are in need (physically and spiritually). Scattering to witness includes anything we do to help people in our mercy ministry and intentionally use this time to point to Jesus and our need of Him.

If you are interested in helping with the of launch Little Creek Church, email lcchurch.norfolk@gmail.com

You can also keep up with us on Facebook @LCchurchNorfolk.