What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are the scattered church.

Here at [OV]Church we understand that we have been called to make disciples of Jesus. This happens in the gathered and the scattered church. When we gather on Sunday, we worship and celebrate what the Lord has done with us during the week.

While we are away from the building we are still the church, now scattered in the word to be salt and light. We meet in homes, in our neighborhoods, to invite people into our lives who may be more open to having dinner with you and your group before coming to a church building.

Why are Small Groups important?

Small Groups are crucial for disciple-making.

There are four levels of growth for a disciple of Jesus. You grow as a disciple individually as you spend time in the Word and in prayer. You grow in accountability as a micro-group discussing sin, temptations and personal growth with 2 or 3 people. You grow in small group, discussing the Word together and talking out the application to our everyday lives. You grow as the corporate body meets together to sing and hear the Word preached. All of these are important to be a growing disciple of Jesus.

What should I expect when attending a Small Group?

Gather - get acquainted, chat about your week
Eat - some groups eat a full meal, others just dessert (Food is good!)
Pray - spend time praying for each other
Discuss - talk about the text and apply it to your life using this guide
Pray - pray about how to respond to the Word, individually or as a group
Dismiss - GO into the world and apply what you have learned!

How do I get into a group?

  • During the worship gathering: fill out the Connection Card, go to the Next Steps table
  • You will be followed up with for the best fit for your and your family (neighborhood, kids, age, etc)
  • Use the SIGN UP button above, then you will be contacted for best fit
  • Invite, word of mouth – the most effective and powerful way!

How do I know what groups are available and what nights?

  • A printout of each open group is available at the Next Step table
  • There is also a visual on the wall, complete with pictures, info

What if I don’t like my new group?

  • Your leader will understand
  • Our goal is to get you into the best fit for you and your family so you can grow in Christ
  • Speak with the leader about it and they will point you in the right direction